Concert Tickets FAQ


How to buy concert tickets

Go to our "Concerts" page, and find the event you are intersted in as you scroll down the page.

Click "Read More" to see details, and then click the "Purchase" button to buy tickets. If the event is at the Peace Center, you will be taken to the Peace Center website event page to purchase. Otherwise, you will go to the Greenville Chorale Online Store where you can purchase tickets.

Tickets may be purchased with a major credit or debit card.

Note: Concerts at the Peace Center are sold exclusively through the Peace Center website or Box Office, those concerts are not in our Online Store.

How do I get my tickets?

All tickets are delivered online. If you are buying them at the Greenville Chorale Online Store, after purchase you will receive an email with a receipt, and one or more emails with the tickets. You can print them or show them on your smartphone at the event.

If the concert is at the Peace Center, you will purchase them from the Peace Center website.

Why would I want to create an account with the Greenville Chorale website?

There are several reasons you might want to do this:

  • You can login later and download your purchased tickets (or digital recordings) when you want.
  • Your settings, such as name, address, phone, email are remembered and filled in the next time you make a purchase.
  • You can also save a card on file (with Stripe) to make future payments easier and faster. This is secure because the payment information is stored on Stripe, a major online payment processor, not the Greenville Chorale Online Store.

Purchases of tickets and music downloads are non-refundable.

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